Paul Eres (rinku) wrote in tildemask,
Paul Eres

conversation between me and harlock on tilde on 8/25/02

01:59 HarlockHero> alright, so
01:59 HarlockHero> the 8 quests
01:59 RinkuHero> i was thinking that the eraser
01:59 HarlockHero> quest 1: getting something from the talk show lout
01:59 LordShiz> i'm afraid i'll be going for a little while
01:59 LordShiz> brb
01:59 RinkuHero> should also be a pencil
01:59 RinkuHero> but without a point
01:59 RinkuHero> a pencil without a point can only erae
01:59 RinkuHero> erase
01:59 RinkuHero> not draw
01:59 RinkuHero> good?
01:59 HarlockHero> yeah
01:59 RinkuHero> k, talk show lout
02:00 RinkuHero> could be some drug
02:00 RinkuHero> or some music
02:00 HarlockHero> some sort of novelty
02:00 HarlockHero> like a pop cd
02:00 RinkuHero> hypnotic music
02:00 RinkuHero> also
02:00 HarlockHero> or an item called "expensive coat" or something
02:00 RinkuHero> the essence of talk show isn't materialism though
02:00 RinkuHero> it's wanting to know what other people are doing
02:00 RinkuHero> that's what talk shows are: watching fools do stuff
02:00 RinkuHero> but never doing anything yourself
02:01 HarlockHero> a beeper?
02:01 HarlockHero> a cell phone?
02:01 RinkuHero> yeah
02:01 RinkuHero> a cell phone beeper that plays hypnotic music and injects some intoxicant
02:01 RinkuHero> or maybe just a remote control
02:01 RinkuHero> and fat cat would have something else
02:01 HarlockHero> alright
02:02 HarlockHero> an omni-remote for the talk show lout
02:02 HarlockHero> it can control tvs, radios, refrigerators, and recliner chairs
02:02 RinkuHero> car garages
02:02 RinkuHero> computers
02:02 RinkuHero> dvds
02:02 HarlockHero> right, so lots of things
02:02 RinkuHero> yep
02:02 HarlockHero> where would the talk show louts hide out?
02:02 HarlockHero> i'd say the mall, but
02:02 HarlockHero> no malls
02:02 RinkuHero> yeah
02:03 RinkuHero> but
02:03 RinkuHero> this is new canada
02:03 RinkuHero> they could still have malls
02:03 RinkuHero> but the malls would only show the stuff
02:03 RinkuHero> you couldn't actually buy anything
02:03 HarlockHero> ah, good idea
02:03 HarlockHero> so it would just be a gathering place
02:03 HarlockHero> with no purpose
02:03 RinkuHero> yep
02:03 HarlockHero> do you have to undergo any serious trials to wrest it from them?
02:04 RinkuHero> yeah
02:04 RinkuHero> we should make 'what you have to do to get the item' related to that unworld type
02:04 HarlockHero> right
02:04 RinkuHero> like, for the fatcat, you'd have to be energetic
02:04 RinkuHero> so to get the remote control
02:04 RinkuHero> you would have to not just watch others, but do stuff
02:05 HarlockHero> maybe you should have to systematically cause a group of them to break up
02:05 RinkuHero> and ignore what others are doing
02:05 HarlockHero> and then corner one of them when he's alone
02:05 RinkuHero> yeah
02:05 RinkuHero> they could travel in mob-clouds
02:05 RinkuHero> with lots of hands and arms sticking out
02:05 RinkuHero> all wearing he same clothes and such
02:06 RinkuHero> the*
02:06 RinkuHero> also
02:06 RinkuHero> there could be different types of them
02:06 RinkuHero> like, in hs
02:06 RinkuHero> they have different talk show lout types
02:06 RinkuHero> that only vary by music
02:06 RinkuHero> and each music associated with a certain type of clothes, etc.
02:07 HarlockHero> yeah
02:07 RinkuHero> a strange question i see sometimes is 'what type of music do you like?'
02:07 RinkuHero> that's sort of like asking 'what tribe are you of??'
02:08 HarlockHero> yeah
02:08 HarlockHero> although a lot of people broadcast it like you said
02:08 HarlockHero> because music groupisms dictate an entire culture
02:08 RinkuHero> yeah
02:08 HarlockHero> a seperate lexicon of slang
02:08 HarlockHero> clothing
02:08 HarlockHero> etc
02:08 RinkuHero> so we could simulate that
02:08 RinkuHero> but not use any types that exist today
02:08 RinkuHero> invent new subculture types
02:09 RinkuHero> how would you get the omni-remote, though?
02:10 HarlockHero> not sure
02:10 RinkuHero> there could be different groups of these allover the town
02:10 RinkuHero> but the mall would be their hq
02:10 HarlockHero> maybe we should actually *ask* a talk show lout
02:10 RinkuHero> yeah
02:10 HarlockHero> in a roundabout way of course
02:10 RinkuHero> also, fringe fanatic
02:10 HarlockHero> who do we know that's a talk show lout though?
02:10 RinkuHero> that's also a subtype of the talk show lout
02:11 RinkuHero> since it's japanese music and subculture
02:11 RinkuHero> let's go join some random channels
02:11 RinkuHero> look up the channel list for esper
02:11 RinkuHero> there has to be some talk-show out type
02:12 RinkuHero> 454 channels
02:13 HarlockHero> found a #jpop
02:13 RinkuHero> k
02:13 RinkuHero> join
02:13 LordShiz> hi
02:14 LordShiz> what is a "talk show" lout?
02:14 RinkuHero> scroll up and read
02:14 RinkuHero> we describe it
02:15 LordShiz> ...
02:16 LordShiz> doesn't seem like that
02:16 RinkuHero> why
02:16 RinkuHero> RinkuHero> #otakuhighschoolrpg
02:16 LordShiz> well i don't get the essence of a talkshowlout
02:17 HarlockHero> how should we go about this?
02:17 LordShiz> what is it?
02:17 RinkuHero> the essence
02:17 RinkuHero> is 1. defining yourself by your music/clothes
02:17 RinkuHero> 2. watching the world rather than doing things in it
02:18 LordShiz> isn't that a standard teenage groupism?
02:18 RinkuHero> no, there are other types of groupism besides this
02:18 LordShiz> but that one covers a broad range
02:18 RinkuHero> yes, but only for teenagers
02:18 LordShiz> and i don't think 1. is always grouped with 2.
02:18 RinkuHero> usually
02:19 RinkuHero> anyone who watches mtv or vh1 is a talk show lout
02:19 LordShiz> i see
02:19 LordShiz> well nobody in canada watched mtv or vh1
02:19 LordShiz> *watches
02:19 RinkuHero> harlock, they seem asleep too
02:20 RinkuHero> why
02:20 LordShiz> what info do you need?
02:20 LordShiz> rinku; because there is no mtv or vh1
02:21 RinkuHero> i meant harlock
02:21 LordShiz> there are the tv louts though
02:21 LordShiz> like
02:21 RinkuHero> and there must be something similar
02:21 LordShiz> they crowd the music building
02:21 RinkuHero> people who go to malls in groups
02:21 LordShiz> and screem
02:21 HarlockHero> rinku
02:21 RinkuHero> and go to places in groups
02:21 LordShiz> you mean
02:21 HarlockHero> someone just joined
02:21 HarlockHero> how should we go about this?
02:21 LordShiz> like star struck teenagers
02:21 RinkuHero> you decide
02:21 LordShiz> like the screeming backstreet boy fangirls?
02:21 RinkuHero> you are the captain
02:21 RinkuHero> yes
02:21 RinkuHero> that is one type
02:21 HarlockHero> you can't just barrage them, we have the specific goal of finding out how they guard what they value
02:21 RinkuHero> another type is anime-fanatics
02:22 LordShiz> isn't that simular?
02:22 RinkuHero> yes
02:23 RinkuHero> not only similar, but identical
02:23 RinkuHero> except for the type of music
02:24 HarlockHero> i'm just going to be straightforward in an underhanded way
02:24 HarlockHero> since you're busy with shiz
02:25 RinkuHero> hehe
02:25 RinkuHero> they're going to kick us both out
02:26 RinkuHero> i bet
02:26 RinkuHero> they can spot the strong miles away
02:26 RinkuHero> you must pretend to be :P
02:26 RinkuHero> the mask of :P!
02:27 LordShiz> what am i busy with?
02:28 HarlockHero> that was sort of an answer, rinku
02:29 HarlockHero> "when x ceases to be a comfort, abandon it for y"
02:29 HarlockHero> even if y is inferior?
02:29 RinkuHero> hm
02:29 RinkuHero> evasion, then
02:29 RinkuHero> that's their cornerstone
02:29 RinkuHero> they find things that they are scared of and instead think of something else
02:31 RinkuHero> we should change our names and go to another channel
02:31 HarlockHero> hmm
02:31 RinkuHero> so it doesn't look like a raid
02:31 HarlockHero> maybe
02:32 *** RinkuHero is now known as TalkShowLout
02:32 HarlockHero> the way to get them to relinquish the remote is by making it become a burden or a sense of adversity
02:32 LordShiz> x_x
02:32 TalkShowLout> yep, but let's look some more
02:32 *** HarlockHero is now known as WeakOfMind2393471
02:32 WeakOfMind2393471> what channel now?
02:32 LordShiz> what is up here?
02:33 TalkShowLout> rpgamer
02:33 TalkShowLout> #rpgamer
02:35 TalkShowLout> no activity
02:35 TalkShowLout> how about...
02:36 TalkShowLout> hm
02:36 TalkShowLout> nothing good
02:36 WeakOfMind2393471> i think they can sense us
02:36 WeakOfMind2393471> we always get these inactive channels
02:37 TalkShowLout> the largest one is
02:37 TalkShowLout> #finalfight
02:37 TalkShowLout> try that
02:40 TalkShowLout> this one at least seems active
02:40 TalkShowLout> not sure if they are talk show louts though
02:40 WeakOfMind2393471> say something talk show loutish
02:41 TalkShowLout> like what
02:41 WeakOfMind2393471> i don't know, something a talk show lout would say
02:41 WeakOfMind2393471> like... "man, i can't believe what happened today >:( ______________________________________________________"
02:41 WeakOfMind2393471> include something unworldly in the ___________
02:43 TalkShowLout> hm
02:43 TalkShowLout> but that would seem suspicious
02:43 TalkShowLout> talk show louts are tribal creatures
02:43 TalkShowLout> they don'tjust talk freely among the nonrecognized
02:44 WeakOfMind2393471> but
02:44 WeakOfMind2393471> how else will they recognize you as part of them?
02:44 TalkShowLout> don't know
02:44 TalkShowLout> pretend you're tooma
02:44 TalkShowLout> what would tooma do in this situation?
02:45 WeakOfMind2393471> ah
02:45 WeakOfMind2393471> he'd look at the picture and make a comment about it
02:45 WeakOfMind2393471> but what is there to say?
02:45 TalkShowLout> hehe
02:46 TalkShowLout> well, just observing may be enough
02:47 TalkShowLout> they seem to be of no common mind though
02:47 TalkShowLout> they aren't like typical talk show louts
02:47 TalkShowLout> that all say the same opinions about the same thing
02:47 TalkShowLout> they each seem to have different values
02:49 WeakOfMind2393471> hmm
02:50 TalkShowLout> and they each have different sentence patterns too
02:50 TalkShowLout> talk show louts share sentence patterns
02:50 TalkShowLout> because themselves is all they talk to
02:50 WeakOfMind2393471> we need to go to pop music channels and such
02:50 TalkShowLout> online may be a bad place to look for them, actually
02:50 WeakOfMind2393471> maybe on dalnet
02:50 TalkShowLout> since most are too lazy
02:51 WeakOfMind2393471> want to try dal?
02:51 TalkShowLout> how
02:51 * /run: unable to open 'mirc.exe'
02:51 WeakOfMind2393471> just type
02:51 TalkShowLout> type what
02:52 WeakOfMind2393471> /run c:\pathtowhatever\mirc32.exe
02:52 WeakOfMind2393471> mine is c:\mirc\mirc32.exe
02:52 WeakOfMind2393471> and it'll open a 2nd instance of mirc
02:52 WeakOfMind2393471> then connect to dal on it
02:52 TalkShowLout> k
02:52 TalkShowLout> what is a dal station
02:52 TalkShowLout>
02:52 WeakOfMind2393471> /server
02:53 WeakOfMind2393471> meet me in #tilde
02:53 TalkShowLout> k
03:53 TalkShowLout> awake?
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