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conversation on 11/20/02

[06:13:40] Rinku> harlock, you need to re-do all the enemy gfx by dec 25
[06:13:47] Rinku> at least up to the forest part
[06:14:08] Harlock> that's not all i have to do
[06:14:15] Harlock> if it was, it'd be great
[06:14:31] Rinku> then make the tilde manga
[06:14:38] Rinku> did you make any more pages of it yet?
[06:18:40] Harlock> ugh, my throat
[06:18:42] Harlock> need more spray
[06:19:13] Rinku> we should re-do the hero gfx too
[06:19:18] Rinku> make andre w/ trenchcoat
[06:19:34] Rinku> the only design that is okay now is tilde's
[06:19:37] Harlock> i dislike the colors you chose
[06:19:39] Rinku> the other three need to be changed
[06:19:41] Rinku> for who?
[06:19:56] Harlock> andre, vold, and antimony
[06:20:07] Jsang> Vold... EMORT????
[06:20:12] Rinku> maybe we can get shiz to do the hero gfx
[06:20:22] Rinku> but he'd make them all super-deformed
[06:20:23] Harlock> he probably would
[06:20:28] Rinku> but that wouldn't be too bad
[06:20:33] Rinku> but it would contrast w/ the enemies
[06:20:38] Rinku> although the enemies haven't been made yet
[06:20:42] Harlock> he's been trying to do more non-sd stuff
[06:20:47] Rinku> k
[06:20:52] Harlock> so you could ask him to do it non-sd
[06:20:56] Harlock> i wonder if he's awake now
[06:20:57] Rinku> so, first redesign the characters
[06:21:01] Rinku> make a new drawing of each one
[06:21:03] Rinku> colored
[06:21:10] Rinku> which will act as their final character designs
[06:21:14] Rinku> for both game and manga
[06:21:15] Harlock> i already did
[06:21:18] Rinku> all 4?
[06:21:18] Harlock> for manga purposes
[06:21:22] Harlock> yeah
[06:21:27] Harlock> tilde looks basically the same
[06:21:28] Rinku> then upload
[06:21:36] Harlock> andre has shaggier hair, a beret, and a trenchcoat
[06:21:48] Rinku> do they have weapons?
[06:21:52] Rinku> tilde drawn with hammer?
[06:21:57] Harlock> vold has shorter hair than previous, no glasses, and sort of heretic-style clothes
[06:22:20] Harlock> antimony i drew with long braided hair, glasses, and a strange kind of suit
[06:22:25] Harlock> not like a business suit
[06:22:40] Rinku> need to redraw antimone now though
[06:22:48] Harlock> yeah
[06:22:49] Rinku> unless it'll be male for manga and female for game
[06:22:58] Harlock> female is good
[06:23:00] Rinku> k
[06:23:06] Rinku> should make it like odessa
[06:23:14] Rinku> wa-wise
[06:23:27] Harlock> will there be someone who feels affection for her, like flic?
[06:23:34] Harlock> vold is like 13 years older than she is
[06:23:39] Rinku> probably not
[06:23:50] Harlock> its not necessary
[06:23:54] Rinku> or maybe it could be a reverse flik
[06:24:01] Harlock> since antimony doesn't die
[06:24:03] Rinku> like, how odessa died
[06:24:06] Rinku> and flik lived
[06:24:13] Rinku> but we could have it so the person she felt affection for died
[06:24:41] Rinku> killed by caduceus probably
[06:24:46] Rinku> or strand
[06:25:09] Harlock> better if they were consumed
[06:25:11] Harlock> by the unworld
[06:25:23] Harlock> since antimony's enemy is the unworld-at-large
[06:25:23] Rinku> consumed how
[06:25:28] Rinku> like leo in we the living?
[06:25:29] Harlock> caduceus is vold's rival
[06:25:31] Harlock> like leo
[06:25:34] Harlock> yeah
[06:27:21] Harlock> this all could have happened in the time period between 2007 and 2015
[06:27:30] Harlock> the loss needs to be about 4 years old by 2019
[06:27:50] Rinku> k
[06:27:55] Rinku> you should make a timeline
[06:27:58] Rinku> where every event occured
[06:28:03] Rinku> like rowling has for harry potter
[06:28:12] Harlock> okay
[06:28:21] Harlock> but first
[06:28:25] Harlock> i need to know the master's greatest work
[06:28:38] Harlock> what caused vold and his friends to notice him and contact him
[06:28:49] Rinku> the sword of justice!
[06:29:04] Harlock> hmm
[06:29:10] Harlock> maybe they saw him fight somewhere?
[06:29:12] Harlock> at a tournament?
[06:29:37] Harlock> he wouldn't really be at a standard tournament though
[06:29:49] Rinku> could meet him like you met your master
[06:29:57] Rinku> found him and forced him to start an iaido class
[06:30:11] Rinku> you and your friend did that together
[06:30:16] Rinku> can be like vold and caduceus
[06:30:20] Harlock> yeah
[06:30:56] Harlock> so what year is santa created in?
[06:31:02] Rinku> 1400ad
[06:31:04] Rinku> or around then
[06:31:10] Rinku> but at first he's just local
[06:31:16] Rinku> later he expands the workshop
[06:31:20] Rinku> using robotics
[06:31:32] Rinku> and later, more advanced robotics for the elves
[06:31:39] Rinku> so that they are human almost
[06:31:46] Harlock> maybe a small group in the local area tried to have an insurrection, so that's why strand decided he had to hide the santa unit in the north pole
[06:31:58] Rinku> k
[06:32:32] Rinku> maybe
[06:32:38] Rinku> at first santa could be kind
[06:32:53] Rinku> enjoy giving and spreading toys and etc.
[06:32:58] Rinku> but gradually is corrupted by altruism
[06:33:02] Rinku> seeing himself as a servent of all
[06:34:39] Harlock> 1400 AD -- Mr. Strand, using an unknown technology, develops a largely-atonomous cyborg under the project heading "Sinterklaus", in an effort to both spread the mind-weaking philosophy of altruism, and create a viable means for reducing the numbers of the "naughty".
[06:35:06] Jsang> hahaha
[06:35:36] Rinku> yes
[06:36:02] Rinku> sinterklaus could at first be a crude thing of steam and wheels
[06:36:12] Harlock> heh, yeah
[06:38:19] Harlock> 1403 -- Sinterklaus has become locally popular for his giving of valuable gifts during the drab winter months. At this point, Strand enacts Phase Two of his project, enticing a local leader to pass a bill dictating that the citizens must follow Sinterklaus' example and give gifts themselves instead of merely being recipients.
[06:39:52] Harlock> 1408 AD -- Sinterklaus has been modified into a humanoid form, and has become an icon of charity to the local populace. It is around this time that the concept of a naughty and nice list begins.
[06:40:46] Harlock> 1412 AD -- Upset by the vast rise in child mortality in the past 4 years, several locals form a militia to destroy Sinterklaus. Strand intervenes, and helps his creation escape to the North Pole, safe from the hands of the people.
[06:40:59] Jsang> XD
[06:41:04] Jsang> shit, you guys are good.
[06:41:19] Jsang> go make Tilde now ;_;
[06:42:21] Rinku> maybe strand and sinterklaus could be like haggard and the red bull
[06:42:23] AbsentFortis> gggnnn
[06:42:31] Rinku> so that strand fears sinterklaus slightly
[06:42:54] Harlock> 1415 AD == Embittered by his experiences, but not having the clarity of mind to recognize the truth of the situation, Sinterklaus comes to trust in his creator Strand completely, and the first Workshop is begun and completed 3 months later. This is the first year to see a mass delivering of gifts to the entire Northern area of Germany.
[06:43:54] Harlock> hey, what year was the catholic church established?
[06:44:07] Jsang> uh
[06:44:09] Jsang> long ago
[06:44:16] Jsang> before all this
[06:44:19] Harlock> right
[06:44:35] Jsang> 1400s was reformation era if I recall
[06:44:49] Jsang> not sure'
[06:45:22] Harlock> 1421 AD -- In an effort to step up creation, Sinterklaus develops the ELF (Entity Limited to Fealty) program, and spreads his gift-giving practice throughout the entire continent of Europe.
[06:45:32] Rinku> it was started in 500ad or something
[06:45:35] Rinku> with constantine
[06:45:38] Harlock> 1424 AD -- Sinterklaus comes to be known in some sectors as St. Nicolas.
[06:46:49] Rinku> should copy and paste this timeline in users/tildemask when done
[06:47:40] Rinku> 1424-1900 santa claus continues giving gifts to german
[06:47:43] Rinku> germany
[06:47:48] Harlock> 1503 AD -- Sinterklaus' tradition has spread to all areas of the world with notable population density.
[06:47:53] Rinku> but
[06:47:59] Rinku> it has to coincide with the legend of santa
[06:48:06] Harlock> but?
[06:48:10] Rinku> america didn't start talking about santa till 1812 or something
[06:48:20] Harlock> i don't know the legend of santa as well as you
[06:48:23] Rinku> w/ that song by that guy who wrote sleepy hollow
[06:48:27] Harlock> you take over at this point
[06:48:32] Harlock> until the mid 1900s
[06:48:32] Harlock> then i'll pick up again
[06:48:34] Rinku> just go to tildemask
[06:48:38] Rinku> there is a history of santa there
[06:48:40] Rinku> it's short
[06:48:47] Rinku> search: history of santa
[06:48:52] Rinku> near middle
[06:49:44] Harlock> okay, i'll fill in that section in a bit
[06:51:01] Harlock> 1934 AD -- ______ _____ is born to unknown parents.
[06:52:00] Harlock> 1985 AD -- Caduceus and Vold born.
[06:52:12] Harlock> 1987 AD -- Kiri, sister of Vold, born.
[06:53:05] Rinku> 1999 strand gains control of europe, it is called 'the european union'
[06:53:20] Rinku> (or whatever year the eu started)
[06:53:54] Harlock> 1994 AD -- Elf Andre born in the north pole.
[06:54:40] Harlock> 1996 -- Caduceus and Vold discover the talents of _____ _____, who has come to reside in New Canada due to poverty. They convince him to start a sword school. Vold and Caduceus remain the only practicing students.
[06:55:37] Jsang> New Canada is great.
[06:55:44] Harlock> 1999 AD -- Strand's forces gain control of Europe, and it becomes known as the European Union.
[06:56:07] Rinku> what about amalgon
[06:56:09] Rinku> and the school
[06:56:11] Rinku> when was he born
[06:56:24] Harlock> 2000 AD -- Antimony is born to ______ _____ and ????? ?????.
[06:56:31] Rinku> antimone*
[06:57:28] Harlock> 2001 AD -- Revitalized by the birth of his daughter, ____ _____ is swayed by Caduceus, Vold, and Kiri to help begin an ideological movement to free the world from despair.
[06:57:55] Harlock> 2002 AD -- Kiri meets Shiz.
[06:57:56] Rinku> he's 66 when his daugher is born?
[06:58:03] Harlock> yeah
[06:58:05] Harlock> he's a martial artist
[06:58:06] Rinku> never had children till then?
[06:58:15] Harlock> he may have
[06:58:25] Rinku> maybe amalgon
[06:58:33] Rinku> or lord shiz
[06:59:19] Harlock> 2005 AD -- Elf Tilde born in the North Pole.
[07:00:00] Harlock> 2006 AD -- Eld Andre escapes from the North Pole, flees to New Canada and joins in with ____ ____'s group, taking up residence with Vold.
[07:00:22] Harlock> 2006 AD (also) -- Kiri marries Shiz and gives birth to twins, Neem and Meen.
[07:01:26] Harlock> 2007 AD -- With Andre's masterful craftsmanship, the group prepares to forge and unleash a powerful weapon that could potentially deal a devestating blow to Strand's forces (who they are as yet unaware of).
[07:01:33] Rinku> wait
[07:01:40] Rinku> andre has to escape before tilde is born, yes?
[07:01:46] Rinku> otherwise it wouldn't seem like 'just a legend'
[07:02:22] Harlock> i suppose
[07:02:35] Harlock> so alter that a bit
[07:02:50] Harlock> andre can escape in 03 or 04
[07:03:51] Harlock> 2007 AD (also) -- Foreseeing his potential failure, Strand corrupts the dissatisfied mind of Caduceus and grants him great skill in swords and sors in exchange for his allegiance.
[07:04:24] Harlock> 2007 AD -- Caduceus exacts the murder of _____ _____ and Kiri. Vold manages to stave off his own death, but cannot bring himself to bring mortal wounds to his lifelong friend.
[07:06:22] Harlock> 2007 AD -- Vold and Andre agree that the time is too dangerous to retaliate and retreat into a New Canadian dwelling, where Vold keeps an eye on Meen and Neem, and Andre continues the manufacturing of Toys of Truth, which Vold distributes.
[07:07:07] Harlock> 2010 AD -- Dissatisfied with Vold's weariness, Antimone leaves the home of her pseudo-uncle to live on her own.
[07:07:40] Harlock> 2011 AD -- Shiz, fearing for the lives of Neem and Meen, agrees to join Strand's forces in exchange for amnesty.
[07:07:57] Harlock> He is assigned to the North Pole.
[07:09:07] Harlock> 2012 -- Despite 3 published works, and valiant effort on the part of Antimone, the world falls fully into control of the Unworld Forces with the standardizing of Japan.
[07:10:34] Harlock> Antimone continues quest to dispel the darkness, keeping in periodic touch with Vold and Andre, always entreating their help in the cause, but never being discouraged when they refuse to be open dissenters at the present time.
[07:11:23] Harlock> Antimone's work is greatly aided when ____ ____, a freedom fighter joins her cause and brings his small group of 106 soldiers with him.
[07:11:48] Harlock> Realizing the danger, Antimone and ___ _____'s army retreats into the sewers of New Canada, waiting for the opportune moment to strike.
[07:12:11] Rinku> you're crazy: [07:07:07] Harlock> 2010 AD -- Dissatisfied with Vold's weariness, Antimone leaves the home of her pseudo-uncle to live on her own.
[07:12:16] Rinku> she'd only be 10 then
[07:12:35] Harlock> she's 10 years old
[07:12:44] Rinku> yes
[07:12:48] Harlock> only 10?
[07:12:53] Rinku> yes
[07:13:01] Rinku> you can't survive in the new canada sewers at 10
[07:13:04] Harlock> you're the one who said yesterday that antimone was born in 2000
[07:13:06] Rinku> w/ all the spiders
[07:13:17] Harlock> 10 is old enough to live on your own
[07:13:21] Rinku> k
[07:13:26] Rinku> we'll just make her really smart
[07:13:32] Harlock> she doesn't go there til 13
[07:13:33] Rinku> like ender
[07:14:01] Harlock> she writes 3 books in the years between 2010 and 2012
[07:15:46] Harlock> 2015 -- With the harsh conditions of New Canada's sewers killing off over half their members, ____ _____ has fallen into a severe depression, and disappears in the winter of that year after long showing signs of falling into the unworld's ideologies.
[07:17:47] Harlock> June 2019 -- Elf Tilde begins construction of toy under Eleven's shift in the Workshop at the north pole. it is seized by Eleven, who smashes and carries Tilde away to an audience with Santa. Confused by Santa's newly installed hypnotic wave projection system, Tilde states that making toys for oneself is too risky.
[07:19:14] Harlock> October 2019 -- Elf Cilde is thrown to the spiders for not having proper knowledge of all the other elves' preferences and favorites. Tilde discovers the Mask of :P, a Toy of Truth left behind by the exiled Elf Andre, and uses it to spy on a meeting between Santa and Mr. Strand, thereby learning the true nature of Christmas.
[07:19:32] Jsang> call it the meaning of christmas
[07:20:40] Harlock> December 2019 -- Unable to convince the other elves of the dire situation they are in, Tilde dons the mask of :P and boards Santa's sleigh intending to destroy the naughty-class presents (poison, bio-weapons, bombs, trapped toys, etc.) before they are delivered.
[07:21:02] Jsang> Now, seriously
[07:21:12] Jsang> even if the rest of it sucks
[07:21:19] Jsang> this is the greatest Xmas themed game of all time ever.
[07:21:27] Harlock> During the process of doing so, the mask is dislodged, and Tilde is attacked and defeated by Santa's SANTA SHINE!! technique, falling off the sleigh and landing in New Canada.
[07:21:27] Jsang> This is seriously brilliant scripting.
[07:21:34] Jsang> True real game creation.
[07:23:14] Harlock> Christmas Day 2019 - Neem and Meen, disenheartened by their gifts of a malevolent cactus and a cannibalistic doll, are pleased to find an elf in their fireplace and proceed to blame all the world's injustices on him. He fixes their toys in exchange for freedom, and they tell him of their uncle Vold, who once knew an elf.
[07:23:26] Rinku> the doll doesn't eat her fingeres
[07:23:30] Rinku> just bites
[07:23:36] Rinku> and can't be a cannibal
[07:23:44] Rinku> since it's a doll biting a human, not a human eating a human
[07:24:32] Jsang> flesh-eating doll
[07:24:51] Jsang> seriously
[07:25:01] Jsang> you guys are literally my heroes
[07:25:19] Harlock> New Years Day, 2020 -- Tilde finds the home of Vold (and Andre in the manga version).
[07:26:08] Rinku> i think we should redraw the doll so that it doesn't look like sailor moon
[07:26:18] Rinku> could be too copyrighty
[07:26:53] Jsang> big-mask-devil-doll!
[07:27:04] Harlock> January - May 2020 -- Tilde and Vold enter the forest of the shared root to enlist the help of Andre (game version only.) The three travel about New Canada, seeking to learn of the nature of the unworld, and free several souls in the process. They eventually enlist the help of Antimone and retreat to the sewers to train with her group.
[07:27:14] Harlock> May - December 2020 -- Training with Antimone's group.
[07:27:32] Rinku> training?
[07:27:38] Rinku> how would that be done
[07:27:44] Rinku> or would we just skip over it?
[07:27:57] Harlock> December 2020 - Andre, Tilde, Vold, and Antimone board the train to the North Pole, but are stopped en route by Caduceus who proceeds to cite eerie sounding poetry and "kill the unorthodox"
[07:28:16] Rinku> you forgot the school!
[07:28:25] Rinku> about the flutoscope and killing amalgon
[07:28:30] Rinku> and freeing the zombie children
[07:28:36] Rinku> who are scooped up by robots
[07:28:43] Rinku> and put on bus-trains like in ww2 nazi
[07:28:47] Harlock> yeah
[07:28:57] Harlock> that should happen in March 2020
[07:29:59] Harlock> March 2020 -- on a mission from antimone, the group infiltrates the local school, and when the help of Neem and Meen discover that the organization is being run by an ally of Strand knwon as Amalgon.
[07:30:40] Rinku> meen is captured in a cage, remember?
[07:30:41] Harlock> Using the Flutoscope that Tilde constructed for Neem and Meen upon his release from their toy-box prison, Amalgon is bested and the children of the dismal school are set free.
[07:30:47] Rinku> so the idea is to help neem save meen
[07:30:53] Rinku> and the flutoscope
[07:31:30] Harlock> Hope does not last long, as the majority of them are quickly captured by robot drones and shuttled away to other institutions to help them "cope" with what just happened to them.
[07:31:43] Harlock> yeah, i remember
[07:31:53] Harlock> just trying to be brief
[07:32:02] Harlock> back to december 2020
[07:33:23] Harlock> Due to quick thinking, Caduceus is temporarily thwarted (albeit after he sets loose beings that consume an entire trainworth of humans). The group proceeds northward on foot, fighting off Ninjelves and Lord Shiz en route to the workshop.
[07:33:43] Rinku> and penguins
[07:33:50] Rinku> and the rudolf reindeer merge
[07:34:00] Jsang> gahaha
[07:34:14] Harlock> At the workshop, Santa's reindeer merge into a meta-organism.
[07:34:56] Harlock> Overcoming those obstacles, the group enters the workshop, and is stopped by Eleven, who wants both Tilde and Andre to pay for their crimes.
[07:35:25] Harlock> Andre knowingly leads Eleven into the basement of the Workshop, revealing the MetaElves and the process through which Elves are manufactured
[07:35:32] Rinku> idea: they should find one of the toys cilde made
[07:35:42] Rinku> and that could be a strong summon spell
[07:35:59] Harlock> Eleven faces a change of heart, but it is too late for him and he dies while defending the group from the meta-elves.
[07:36:12] Harlock> yeah
[07:36:54] Rinku> the meta-elves should be introduced earlier
[07:36:56] Rinku> somehow
[07:36:58] Harlock> the group reaches santa's chamber, where he again casts SANTA SHINE!!, which is no longer as effective, thanks to Tilde's experiences and the Mask of :P
[07:37:02] Rinku> otherwise they seem deus ex machina
[07:38:03] Harlock> However, he still has his 360mm rocket launcher, his head-mounted vulcan phalanx cannon, his electric needles, lasers, and flamethrowers with which to combat the heroes.
[07:38:38] Harlock> santa is defeated, partially thanks to an uprising of elves brought on by tilde's rallying.
[07:38:39] Rinku> also, you forgot the part about the elves
[07:38:52] Rinku> where the elves tilde convinced while in the workshop rush in and save the group from santa
[07:38:55] Harlock> which part about the elves?
[07:39:05] Rinku> and depending on how many he convinced, it might be impossible to win
[07:39:08] Rinku> how few*
[07:39:14] Harlock> Harlock> santa is defeated, partially thanks to an uprising of elves brought on by tilde's rallying.
[07:39:18] Rinku> k
[07:39:20] Rinku> didn't see
[07:41:26] Harlock> santa acknowledges intentionally letting andre go free, and admits to possessing a will of his own that he has been denying for 600 years. at this point, strand's override program runs and santa is destroyed before he can turn on his master.
[07:42:23] Harlock> the heroes seize the workshop as a revolution base, and enlist the elves as part of a new army. the elves distribute that year's christmas amongst themselves and antimone notes that with 2 christmasses in a row being incomplete, someone is bound to notice.
[07:43:21] Harlock> antimone summons most of her group to join them in the workshop.
[07:43:34] Harlock> a sward appears later bearing a note, and then disappears
[07:44:14] Harlock> the note reveals that the revolution members have been apprehended en route, and that construction of the next sinterklaus unit, to use a collective mind, is already underway. it also contains other news which causes vold to become upset.
[07:44:48] Harlock> caduceus begins an assault on the workshop with thousands of newly bred :P soldiers, modeled after andre's mask
[07:45:14] Harlock> vold goes to meet him, and the outcome of their duel is as yet uncertain.
[07:45:28] Harlock> tilde leads a troop of elves into the snowfield to meet the :P soldiers and a great battle begins.
[07:45:47] Harlock> antimone orders andre to record these scenes as well as a speech by her and to take the tape back to the mainland
[07:47:00] Rinku> also
[07:47:04] Rinku> we need a speech by strand
[07:47:09] Harlock> january 2021 -- a news broadcast in new canada is interrupted by the playing of andre's tape, causing all of the souls saved during the unworld quests section of the game to rise up and prepare for the upcomoing battle.
[07:47:09] Harlock> ~fin
[07:47:19] Rinku> either we make the letter longer or have some other part where strand elaborates his plans
[07:47:59] Harlock> hmm
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