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santa shine!!

[03:42:18] RinkuHero> SANTA: "who is doing that!!"
[03:42:25] RinkuHero> because he sees his bags flying off the sleigh
[03:42:33] RinkuHero> TILDE: "these toys will harm no girls and boys!"
[03:42:35] RinkuHero> or something
[03:43:25] NewtypeHarlock> SANTA: "by what right do the strong exist? by nature, they overshadow the weak! is that fair?!"
[03:43:26] NewtypeHarlock> or something
[03:43:36] RinkuHero> yeah
[03:44:00] NewtypeHarlock> and tilde can say that while it may be true, santa has no right to kill anyone
[03:44:04] NewtypeHarlock> and santa says... ?
[03:44:05] RinkuHero> SANTA: "killing 4 naughty kids will save 400 nice kids in the long run"
[03:44:21] NewtypeHarlock> that's a good reply
[03:45:01] NewtypeHarlock> then tilde says....
[03:45:41] RinkuHero> TILDE: "um..."
[03:45:48] NewtypeHarlock> good
[03:45:55] NewtypeHarlock> then santa will interrupt before he can reply
[03:45:56] RinkuHero> then santa says
[03:46:09] RinkuHero> SANTA: "do you want to send the world back to the old days??"
[03:46:19] RinkuHero> SANTA: "where everyone fought for their piece of the world pie?"
[03:46:28] NewtypeHarlock> TILDE: "no.. i... but maybe--"
[03:47:18] NewtypeHarlock> SANTA: "SANTA SHINE!!"
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