Paul Eres (rinku) wrote in tildemask,
Paul Eres

tilde & cilde

*tilde leaves santa's room*
tilde: cilde?
cilde: i saw what happened, with your toy. you shouldn't make them out in the open like that.
tilde: oh?
cilde: you have to make sure no one looks when you do something for yourself. they're getting better at detecting these toys now, so...
tilde: doesn't matter. i'm not making any more toys for myself from now on. it's too dangerous.
cilde: yes, but...
tilde: but i don't want to end up like the exiled elf.
cilde: that elf is only a legend. and if you don't make any toys for yourself at all... wouldn't that be just as bad?
*tilde leaves*'

i wrote this just today, w/ char's help. to be used outside santa's room, right after the altruist banner scene
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