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conversation between me and harlock about tilde on 8/24/02, part 2 of 2

06:41 Rinku> also, getting moretvold and andre could be partly nonlinear
06:41 Harlock> then he joins you for the trek to the forest of the second-hand
06:41 Rinku> so that you can get some unworld items before mortevold
06:41 Rinku> if you are strong enough to do it alone
06:41 Harlock> yeah
06:41 Rinku> but you won't be able to get to antimony without andre
06:42 Rinku> since he knows the password to antimony's base
06:42 Harlock> okay
06:42 Harlock> what is the trouble you encounter in the forest of the second hand?
06:42 Rinku> the forest should adapt itself to you
06:42 Rinku> and the animals come up to you to feed you
06:42 Rinku> etc.
06:43 Harlock> yeah, they ask for you to eat them
06:43 Harlock> don't you also fight the 12 days of xmas there?
06:43 Rinku> yes
06:44 *** ShizumaEiyuu has joined #tilde
06:44 Harlock> what is that battle like?
06:44 Rinku> it's each day one after the other
06:44 Rinku> swans, partridges, pears, etc.
06:45 Rinku> calling birds
06:45 Rinku> drummers
06:45 Harlock> why them though?
06:45 Rinku> since it's the 12 days of xmas
06:45 Rinku> we could give each gameplay
06:45 Rinku> to match its role in the song
06:46 Harlock> how do the 12 days fit into the web though?
06:46 ShizumaEiyuu> it's santa clauses FINAL FORM!
06:46 Rinku> they don't fit to the web
06:47 ShizumaEiyuu> you know
06:47 Rinku> except that the song is related to xma
06:47 Harlock> santa is more powerful than maids-a-milking
06:47 Rinku> xmas
06:47 Rinku> yes
06:47 ShizumaEiyuu> like neon ex-death!
06:47 ShizumaEiyuu> but scarier!
06:47 Rinku> the song had to have a purpose
06:47 Rinku> research the song's history online one day
06:47 Rinku> and we'll figure it out then
06:47 Harlock> okay
06:47 Harlock> so andre joins the party and you learn about the history of the mask
06:47 ShizumaEiyuu> i'll do it now
06:48 Rinku> yes
06:48 *** ShizumaEiyuu is now known as LordShiz
06:48 Harlock> and he advises that if you want to overthrow santa, you should go seek antimony and the rebel's aid
06:48 Rinku> and the three of them decide to go to antimony and request help
06:48 Harlock> that reminds me
06:48 Rinku> and he says he won't help till they fully understand the unworld
06:48 Harlock> isn't lord shiz also antimony's father's brother?
06:48 Harlock> errrr
06:48 Harlock> i mean
06:48 Harlock> isn't lord shiz also meen and neem's father's brother?
06:48 Rinku> yeah
06:48 LordShiz> lordshiz is an only child!
06:49 Harlock> whereas mortevold is their mother's brother
06:49 Rinku> yeah
06:49 Harlock> they should mention him then near the beginning
06:49 Rinku> yeah
06:49 Harlock> in their discussions
06:49 Rinku> or later
06:49 Rinku> in the school
06:49 Harlock> yeah, school is better
06:49 Harlock> lord shiz can have been a teacher once
06:49 Rinku> yep
06:50 Harlock> alright, good
06:50 Harlock> so, you go to antimony and the riddle portion starts proper
06:50 Harlock> so the 8 items you need to collect will be
06:50 Harlock> 1. something from the talk show louts
06:50 Harlock> 2. a mystic necklace from the mystics
06:51 Harlock> 3. one of the bb posters
06:51 Rinku> talk show lout thing could be alcohol or its substitute
06:51 LordShiz> i'm checking sources on twelve days of christmas' meaning
06:51 Rinku> some new version of it
06:51 Harlock> 4. viking portable of blagful philosopher
06:51 Harlock> 5. something from the fatcat
06:52 Rinku> something symbolizing laziness... a tv remote maybe
06:52 Rinku> tv/dvd remote
06:52 Harlock> 6. something from the activists
06:52 Harlock> like a protest sign
06:52 Rinku> something destructive
06:52 Harlock> or an anarchy armband
06:52 Harlock> hmm
06:52 Rinku> or something disordered
06:53 LordShiz> omni-remote
06:53 Harlock> 7. something from a fringe fanatic
06:53 Harlock> how would the faux >ists be represented?
06:53 Harlock> all the others are accounted for
06:54 Rinku> a day planner
06:54 Rinku> maybe
06:54 Harlock> what about willing martyr?
06:54 Harlock> they could just be in the city somewhere
06:54 Harlock> ranting and raving
06:54 Rinku> the willing martyr's are no longer needed though
06:54 Rinku> since the unworld has won
06:55 LordShiz> okay, the meaning of the song is that it is a memory game
06:55 Harlock> true
06:55 Rinku> the willing martyrs only exist when the world is winning
06:55 LordShiz> anything about the catholic of christian church is false
06:55 LordShiz> the book Twelve Days of Christmas: A
06:55 LordShiz> Celebration and History, by Leigh Grant, ISBN 0-679-74038-4.
06:55 LordShiz> It says the words from this song first appeared in a book
06:55 LordShiz> titled Mirth without Mischief. That book came out in 1780
06:55 LordShiz> or 1783) in England. The tune apparently dates back much
06:55 LordShiz> further and came from France. That 1780 book describes
06:55 LordShiz> "The Twelve Days of Christmas" as a "memory and forfeits game"
06:55 LordShiz> played by children at that time. The leader recited the first
06:56 LordShiz> verse, the next child recited the second verse, and this
06:56 LordShiz> continued until someone missed his or her verse and had to
06:56 LordShiz> pay some kind of penalty in the game. "The Twelve Days of
06:56 LordShiz> Christmas" became popular at the "12th-night parties" that
06:56 LordShiz> took place in the Christmas season.
06:56 Rinku> ((brb))
06:56 LordShiz> the memory game
06:57 LordShiz> this reminds me of the "favorites" scene in tilde
06:57 LordShiz> which was a memory game
06:57 LordShiz> where forgetting had penalty
06:59 Harlock> shiz, what would be a good item to collect from the oxymoronic socialist anarchist activist unworld type?
07:00 Rinku> back
07:01 LordShiz> hurm
07:01 LordShiz> a $1000 bong
07:01 LordShiz> er
07:01 LordShiz> a $1,000,000 bong
07:01 Rinku> a gun?
07:01 Rinku> a gun with two points?
07:02 Rinku> so that when it fires it kills yourself too?
07:02 Rinku> or an axe?
07:02 Rinku> an axe of khaos?
07:03 Rinku> or of bloodlust
07:03 LordShiz> ...
07:03 Harlock> hmm
07:03 LordShiz> good item howso though?
07:03 Rinku> since they like destruction more than replacement with a better system
07:04 LordShiz> there's the item
07:04 LordShiz> in the comic book "fantastic four"
07:05 LordShiz> it's a small metal device, kinda like a lighter
07:05 LordShiz> called
07:05 LordShiz> "the ultimate nullifier"
07:05 LordShiz> with a single press of the button
07:05 LordShiz> all existense will cease to exist
07:05 LordShiz> or at least that's what it is beleived to do
07:05 LordShiz> of course, you couldn't know for sure ^_^
07:06 Rinku> hm
07:06 LordShiz> okay
07:06 LordShiz> i was a bit wrong
07:06 LordShiz> but read this:
07:06 LordShiz>
07:09 Rinku> where did harlock go
07:09 LordShiz> i was thinking of the history eraser button from ren and stimpy
07:09 LordShiz> but
07:09 LordShiz> something along those lines
07:09 Harlock> i'm here
07:09 LordShiz> would work
07:09 Harlock> i'm seeing linda off
07:09 Harlock> brb
07:09 Rinku> ah, an eraser!
07:09 Rinku> good idea
07:09 Rinku> just a pencil eraser!
07:09 Rinku> fits perfectly
07:12 LordShiz> but rinku
07:12 LordShiz> it's the ultimate pencil eraser
07:12 LordShiz> you can erase actions
07:12 LordShiz> and things you said
07:12 LordShiz> it's the ultimate "i take that back"
07:12 LordShiz> this would be perfect
07:14 Harlock> back
07:15 Harlock> anyway, if they had a history eraser button in their command, they would have already used it
07:15 Rinku> yeah
07:15 Rinku> but i mean a normal eraser
07:15 Rinku> that they use for erasing things
07:15 LordShiz> as do i
07:15 Harlock> i know, i was responding to shiz
07:15 Rinku> k
07:15 LordShiz> i'm saying now
07:15 LordShiz> what about something that erased what you just did?
07:15 Rinku> anyway, we just need to come up with how each of these unworld items is to be obtained
07:16 LordShiz> oh you are just looking for meaningless items
07:16 Rinku> meaningless?
07:16 Harlock> no, not meaningless
07:16 LordShiz> well
07:16 LordShiz> less important
07:16 Harlock> what happens is that
07:16 LordShiz> than i had in mind
07:16 Harlock> someone tells you to show him proof of the world's decay
07:16 Harlock> and you collect 8 items, each from an unworld type
07:17 Harlock> and bring them back to him
07:17 LordShiz> then go with the $1,000,000 bong from the activist
07:17 Harlock> but they're destructive not extravagant or inordinately foolish
07:18 LordShiz> i see
07:18 LordShiz> why is this?
07:19 LordShiz> foolish shows it better
07:19 Harlock> foolish shows what better?
07:19 LordShiz> becuase that is the source of the destructiveness
07:19 LordShiz> not actual destructive devices
07:19 Harlock> still, a bong is more like something the talk show lout would weild
07:19 LordShiz> foolish devices show that the world is decaying better than a destructive device does
07:20 Harlock> since a bong speaks of lethargy
07:20 Harlock> and activists are uh... active
07:20 LordShiz> not really
07:20 LordShiz> more like activists are negative
07:20 LordShiz> they tear down values
07:20 LordShiz> and hope to instill new, better ones
07:20 LordShiz> such as, bongs
07:21 LordShiz> it's weird thinking
07:21 LordShiz> brb
07:21 Rinku> like bakunin
07:21 Rinku> the russian anarchist
07:21 Rinku> he wanted to destroy old russia to make a new one
07:21 Rinku> but focused more on destruction than building of rationality
07:22 Rinku> so maybe the leader of the activists could weild the bakunin blade
07:22 Rinku> and the ch-elites could have the kant knife
07:22 Rinku> and the fatcats could have the jsang boomerange
07:27 Harlock> heh
07:28 LordShiz> but how do these items show the destructiveness of the groups?
07:28 LordShiz> other than on obscure terms?
07:28 Rinku> no
07:28 Rinku> these aren't the items
07:28 Rinku> these are the weapons
07:29 Rinku> the items are different
07:29 Rinku> and how are they obscure?
07:29 Rinku> everyone knows bakunin and kant
07:29 LordShiz> heh
07:29 Rinku> although not everyone knows jsang
07:29 LordShiz> yes
07:29 Rinku> so the jsang one will need to be changed
07:29 Rinku> to something like bill gates
07:29 Rinku> although bill gates is more >ic than jsang
07:29 LordShiz> but not everybody things about bakunin or kant
07:29 Rinku> everyone who reads enough
07:29 LordShiz> thinks
07:30 Rinku> it's just like referencing napoleon or abe lincoln
07:30 Rinku> references are okay as long as they are famous
07:30 Rinku> like ff7
07:30 Rinku> it referenced a lot of things
07:30 Rinku> heidegger
07:30 Rinku> nibelheim
07:30 Rinku> midgard
07:30 LordShiz> yes
07:30 Rinku> sephiroth
07:31 Rinku> hojo
07:31 LordShiz> i get it
07:31 Rinku> hehe
07:31 LordShiz> i'm sorry
07:31 LordShiz> ;_;
07:31 Rinku> harlock, well
07:31 Rinku> what do we need to do next
07:31 Harlock> I WAS DRAWING
07:31 Harlock> ack
07:31 Harlock> i was drawing
07:31 Rinku> drawing what
07:32 Harlock>
07:32 LordShiz> nice harlock
07:32 Harlock> we need 255 of them
07:32 Harlock> all in lines
07:32 Harlock> moving in unison
07:33 Harlock> anyway
07:33 Harlock> we need to decide how the items will be obtained
07:33 Harlock> but we can do that later
07:34 Rinku> y
07:34 Harlock> anyway, you solve all the riddles, but then need to get the flutoscope
07:34 Harlock> so you have to venture to the school
07:34 Rinku> y
07:34 Rinku> meen and neem will tell you their flut is gone
07:34 Rinku> confiscated
07:34 Rinku> or, better
07:35 Rinku> neem could tell you that meen was caught with it
07:35 Rinku> and is jailed
07:35 Rinku> in the school dungeons
07:35 Harlock> therein you find a graphic portrayal of the unworld, and you should have to bypass red tape and all to get to the "playground"
07:35 Rinku> so you have to go rescue him/her
07:35 Rinku> yeah
07:35 Harlock> where you find neem who tells you that meen has been jailed for bringing a toy to school
07:35 Harlock> maybe neem can join you for this part?
07:35 Rinku> yeah
07:35 Harlock> since antimony won't have joined yet
07:36 Rinku> they could also move seperately
07:36 Rinku> you could be able to split up your party
07:36 Rinku> and explore different areas
07:36 Rinku> and then join up
07:36 Rinku> for the final battle of the school
07:36 Harlock> well the task at hand at the school is retrieving the scope
07:37 Rinku> yep
07:37 Harlock> but you'll need to beat the headmaster to do it
07:37 Rinku> didn't we plan this battle?
07:37 Harlock> i think so
07:37 Harlock> something like, meen is in a cage
07:37 Rinku> yeah
07:37 Harlock> and you have to free him so can use the flutoscope on too high!! to help you win
07:37 Rinku> yep
07:37 Harlock> but what leads up to this?
07:38 Harlock> i keep thinking that there should be something with like, a collective of students
07:38 Harlock> zomby-types
07:38 Rinku> or, actual zombies
07:38 Rinku> of children
07:38 Rinku> in the dungeons
07:38 Rinku> made up of those who failed the tests
07:38 Harlock> amalgon makes kid-zombies
07:38 Harlock> so that makes sense
07:39 Harlock> i was thinking that the majority of the school's graphics should be grayscale too
07:40 Harlock> like b&w floor tiles
07:40 Harlock> white walls
07:40 Harlock> black doors
07:40 Harlock> grey lockers
07:40 LordShiz> schools these days look like prisons
07:40 Rinku> yeah
07:40 LordShiz> like they have 6 foot high windows
07:40 LordShiz> with bars on them
07:40 LordShiz> to prevent escape
07:40 Rinku> but, my school most mostly olive green
07:40 LordShiz> seriously
07:40 Rinku> dark green stairs
07:40 Rinku> green walls
07:40 Rinku> green floors
07:41 Harlock> yeah, the school should definitely have barred windows and barbed wire and such
07:41 LordShiz> way too high windows
07:41 LordShiz> that are like lil'slots
07:42 LordShiz> cameras every 3 fee
07:42 LordShiz> feet
07:42 Harlock> there should be standard school locales too
07:42 Harlock> like, in addition to the sprawling hallways
07:42 Harlock> you need a few classrooms
07:42 Harlock> libraries
07:42 Harlock> a library*
07:42 Harlock> with 3 books
07:42 Harlock> a playground with no equipment
07:42 Harlock> a cafeteria
07:43 Rinku> yeah
07:43 Rinku> we planned some of this too i think
07:43 Harlock> and the offices of the staff, which lead into the dungeons
07:43 Harlock> shiz has a good idea about cameras
07:43 Harlock> they can work on the red-light-green-light premise
07:43 LordShiz> every school to try and be fun
07:43 LordShiz> also has a really big plant
07:43 LordShiz> usually near the principals office
07:43 Harlock> and if you're caught moving while the camera's lights are green
07:43 LordShiz> like a reall huge, often fake plant
07:44 Rinku> good idea
07:44 Harlock> you have to face robotic hall monitors
07:44 LordShiz> the washrooms are also usually very far away
07:45 LordShiz> like at the end of a long hall on the 5th floor
07:45 Harlock> the school should be more like a fortress than anything
07:45 Harlock> with lots of locked doors
07:45 Harlock> that can't be opened
07:45 LordShiz> like bolt-lock doors?
07:45 Harlock> yeah
07:45 LordShiz> you know a lot of schools these days have metal detectors
07:46 Harlock> hmm
07:46 Harlock> that's a good idea too
07:46 LordShiz> you could like, have a decontamination chamber as well
07:46 Harlock> you have to deequip yourself before passing through one
07:46 LordShiz> and a finger print machine
07:46 LordShiz> oh
07:46 LordShiz> yeh
07:46 Harlock> or you trigger the alarms
07:46 LordShiz> that's good
07:46 Harlock> i was thinking
07:47 Harlock> maybe neem knows about hidden passages through the school
07:47 Harlock> that you access by going into the lockers
07:47 Harlock> certain lockers, i mean
07:47 Rinku> yeah
07:48 Rinku> tilde and andre could pass for children
07:48 Rinku> they should find children's unforms
07:48 Rinku> uniforms
07:48 Rinku> and wear them
07:48 Rinku> then they can go unnoticed
07:48 Rinku> mortevold could perhaps pretend to be a teacher
07:48 Harlock> that would also explain the need to split the group up
07:48 Harlock> maybe
07:48 Rinku> yep
07:49 Harlock> neem tells tilde and andre about the path to the dungeons
07:49 Harlock> while she and mortevold have to subdue a teacher and take over his class and secretly try to rally support of some of the students in it?
07:50 Rinku> maybe
07:51 Harlock> or at least
07:51 LordShiz> i'm looking for nice airlock doors for you
07:51 LordShiz>
07:51 Harlock> she and mortevold have to get into the control room (using mortevold's teacher act)
07:51 Harlock> in order to open doors in the basement
07:51 Harlock> to let tilde and andre through to where meen is
07:51 Harlock> but they meet back up in the end
07:52 Harlock> those are good doors
07:52 Harlock> mortevold would have to answer several questions pretending to be an unworldite
07:53 Harlock> in order to get them into the room
07:53 Harlock> and tilde and andre would be busy fending off zombies and navigating the maze of the basement area
07:54 Harlock> i'm getting kind of tired
07:54 LordShiz>
07:54 Harlock> haven't slept in about 26 hours
07:55 Rinku> hm
07:55 Rinku> k
07:55 Rinku> we can finish the planning tomorrow
07:55 Rinku> be on early then
07:55 Rinku> midnight or so
07:55 Harlock> tonight you mean?
07:55 Harlock> i'll be on tonight around 9 or 10
07:55 Harlock> okay
07:55 Harlock> night
07:56 LordShiz>
07:56 Rinku> nite
07:56 Rinku> yes, tonight
07:57 LordShiz> seeya rinku
07:57 Rinku> nite
Session Close: Sat Aug 24 07:57:05 2002
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