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another conversation between me and harlock about tilde on 8/25/02

02:54 HarlockHero> this list is going to take a while to get
02:54 HarlockHero> dal is the biggest irc server
02:55 TalkShowLout> y
02:57 HarlockHero> still going
02:57 HarlockHero> in the meantime
02:57 HarlockHero>
03:03 TalkShowLout> did you see the lord of the rings poster there?
03:04 HarlockHero> yeah
03:04 TalkShowLout> Please don't send us nothing suckaz. Due to the fact Anthrax is a real threat on the Important people of U.S., we are at great risk. I hope our fans understand.
03:05 HarlockHero> BLADE, the leader of the group and quite possibly the most dangerous person you have eva met. 2 years in state pen for armed robbery, 4 years in rehab(still on the yayo), and who knows whats next for this tight foo.
03:06 TalkShowLout> hehe
03:07 HarlockHero> that reminds me
03:07 HarlockHero> i put an ad in the paper
03:07 HarlockHero> it says
03:07 TalkShowLout> how can you afford an ad
03:08 HarlockHero> CAPABLE SWORDSMAN FOR HIRE - will give lessons or perform guard/escort duty for negotiable pay. no assassinations. extensive exp, founded own style. insert contact info here>
03:08 HarlockHero> its not too expensive
03:08 HarlockHero> maybe i'll get a call too
03:08 HarlockHero> once it runs
03:08 TalkShowLout> hm
03:11 TalkShowLout> Man, we just 1% of the population that can actually afford these luxuries, and we wanted to share the experience with the less fortunate. You suckaz don't appreciate the knowledge we bless you with, just wanna hate.
03:12 TalkShowLout> I am sorry to all the internet nerds that buy real domains and get less hits than this geocities site. Sorry. I am sorry to all the boyfriends that were left with broken hearts after there girlfriends saw this site. Sorry.
03:13 TalkShowLout> I am sorry to all the hackers that keep wasting there time, when we come back the next day. Sorry. The Icy Hot Stuntaz would like to say sorry to all the hataz. Sorry you hate us, cause you ain't us. AHAHAHA. Suckaz.
03:13 TalkShowLout> Music is back up, by popular demand suckaz. Our site was hacked again. Blah blah, same ol hataz spending hours to get rid of us. Funny thing is...what will you do when we are gone? Sucka.
03:18 TalkShowLout> Some shiznit for our fanz to bump all week. Fo shoo. As you can see, WE AIN'T NO JOKE. Datz right. Icey hot roll wit da best. Stop hatin in the guestbook cauze you lookz dumb as hell. We the greatest entertainers/musicians/rappers of all time.
03:18 HarlockHero> reminds me of that guy who threw rocks at my wizard's robe
03:19 TalkShowLout> why
03:20 HarlockHero> he talked like that
03:21 TalkShowLout> then
03:21 TalkShowLout> go find him
03:21 TalkShowLout> and ask him about talk show loutism
03:22 HarlockHero> hmm
03:22 HarlockHero> they probably make a lot of money
03:22 TalkShowLout> who
03:22 HarlockHero> that site is popular for being blagful
03:22 TalkShowLout> how many hits
03:22 HarlockHero> and a lot of people make parodies of it
03:22 HarlockHero> the site you're looking at
03:22 TalkShowLout> hm
03:22 TalkShowLout> where are these parodies
03:22 HarlockHero> probably several thousand a day. it gets broadcast on a lot of e/n sites
03:22 TalkShowLout> parodies might help us identify the core of it
03:23 HarlockHero> and since they have mp3s up on
03:23 HarlockHero> anyone who downloads at least one mp3
03:23 HarlockHero> they get cash for it
03:23 HarlockHero> just go to google and type in "icy hot stuntaz"
03:24 TalkShowLout> k
03:26 HarlockHero> LordShizuma: how goes the unworld profiling bullshit?
03:30 TalkShowLout> wha?
03:31 TalkShowLout> how long does this list take to load??
03:31 TalkShowLout> it's at 26,000
03:31 HarlockHero> its done for me
03:31 HarlockHero> just now finished
03:31 HarlockHero> at 29000
03:32 TalkShowLout> k
03:32 TalkShowLout> I will tell you the rest of da thank youz in ya face mothers. As for the email's, I just deleted over 1000 emails, without reading one. Hahaha. Why do yall pencil pushin, email clickin, suckaz think we got the time to sit down and read ya pathetic little messages? We dont suckaz.
03:33 HarlockHero>
03:34 HarlockHero> quote : "I can't help who the Lord has put on this Earth for me to love."
03:35 TalkShowLout> hm
03:36 HarlockHero>
03:36 HarlockHero> makeover before and after pics
03:40 TalkShowLout> what? they look the same in each
03:40 TalkShowLout> i don't see any difference
03:40 HarlockHero> they're "more attractive" in the right frames
03:40 HarlockHero> despite being the same person
03:41 TalkShowLout> how
03:41 TalkShowLout> just clothes has changed
03:41 HarlockHero> like, their clothes and hairstyles have been altered to the unworld standards
03:41 HarlockHero> see?
03:41 TalkShowLout> hm
03:42 TalkShowLout> the bottom one looks like he just got older
03:45 TalkShowLout> we aren't getting anywhere
03:45 TalkShowLout> i think i solved the talk show lout problem anyway
03:46 TalkShowLout> it was solved years ago
03:46 TalkShowLout> false self vs. real self idea, in one of the neo-freudian psychologists
03:47 TalkShowLout> idea is that if people feel they aren't liked, they'll go to any extreme to be liked
03:47 TalkShowLout> due to never feeling adequete as themselves, so they have to constnatly remind themselves that they are worth being alive
03:47 TalkShowLout> like, look at those three fools' site
03:48 TalkShowLout> nearly every paragraph has something reassuring themselves that they have value
03:53 TalkShowLout> asleep?
03:53 HarlockHero> no
03:54 TalkShowLout> what say you
03:54 TalkShowLout> how should the gameplay go
03:55 TalkShowLout> knowing that this is the essence of talk show lout
03:55 HarlockHero> but
03:55 HarlockHero> lets say a talk show lout uses principle x (i.e - their rap group) to give themselves value
03:55 HarlockHero> and you convince them principle x is valueless
03:56 HarlockHero> wouldn't they then use the aol -> netzero principle to find something else?
03:56 TalkShowLout> yes
03:56 TalkShowLout> so you can't convince them that their values are valueless
03:56 TalkShowLout> you have to convince them that they are heroes
03:56 TalkShowLout> but first make them heroes
03:56 TalkShowLout> like, pk
03:56 TalkShowLout> pk went from fool to better
03:56 TalkShowLout> how did that happen?
03:57 HarlockHero> treating him like a hero, basically, and also giving heroic advice and counsel
03:57 HarlockHero> but
03:57 HarlockHero> he mainly got better because he "got better"
03:57 HarlockHero> in things like art
03:57 HarlockHero> which increased his sense of actual value for himself
03:58 HarlockHero> so replacing fake values with real ones?
04:00 TalkShowLout> yes
04:00 TalkShowLout> also, notice how fake selves always have to compare themselves to other selves in order to gain prestige
04:01 TalkShowLout> You the biggest sucka of all. Our page is not eligible to make money because we are signed artists. We giving you chumps free singles at our website, and you lookin so deep into it like there is a conspiracy.
04:02 TalkShowLout> it's a result of schools/sibling-rivalry
04:02 TalkShowLout> they get stuck in red
04:02 TalkShowLout> like fyre, fyre is a talk show lout!
04:02 TalkShowLout> he doesn't belong to any talk show loutish group
04:02 TalkShowLout> but the principles are the same
04:03 TalkShowLout> and charbile
04:03 TalkShowLout> he is curing fyre
04:03 TalkShowLout> by treating him as hero, making him better at game design (to an extent), etc.
04:04 TalkShowLout> so that is what we must show
04:04 TalkShowLout> we have to have fearful talk show louts, and make one (or more?) into a hero
04:04 TalkShowLout> and that one will give you the omniremote
04:04 TalkShowLout> saying that they don't need it anymore
04:04 HarlockHero> but how to do that in terms of gameplay?
04:04 TalkShowLout> easy
04:04 TalkShowLout> make a gameplay system
04:05 TalkShowLout> that has to do with how you answer questions
04:05 TalkShowLout> since the gameplay focuses on battle
04:06 TalkShowLout> we could have the talk show lout be a martial art student
04:06 TalkShowLout> and you have to train him/her
04:06 TalkShowLout> they could start out a fool
04:06 TalkShowLout> like that person you mentioned
04:06 TalkShowLout> that they said they made their own style of swordfighting, but never studied any other
04:06 TalkShowLout> nova's friend or something?
04:07 HarlockHero> yeah
04:07 TalkShowLout> you could use that idea
04:07 TalkShowLout> have them start out like that
04:07 TalkShowLout> and have them become like harlock
04:07 HarlockHero> good idea
04:07 HarlockHero> other talk show louts should try and interfere too
04:08 TalkShowLout> y
04:08 TalkShowLout> he could be in one music-type group
04:08 TalkShowLout> and they could mention other types
04:08 TalkShowLout> and he could start listening to the best of the music of the other types
04:09 TalkShowLout> and decide that music can be objectively good, and decided by his own mind
04:09 TalkShowLout> instead of the authority of the group mind
04:10 HarlockHero> the reason dennis says he's a master swordsman
04:10 HarlockHero> or a master fighter
04:10 HarlockHero> is because of dbz
04:10 HarlockHero> so it may be better to have a group obsessed with some show like that
04:10 TalkShowLout> yeah
04:14 TalkShowLout> well?
04:14 TalkShowLout> what's next?
04:14 HarlockHero> hmm
04:14 HarlockHero> next is
04:14 HarlockHero> mystic
04:15 TalkShowLout> k
04:15 TalkShowLout> should
04:15 TalkShowLout> should the goal of all of these be to cure someone of the unworld?
04:15 TalkShowLout> or would some fail?
04:16 HarlockHero> it shouldn't be so much "curing the unworld" as "gaining an understanding of the unworld"
04:16 TalkShowLout> yeah
04:16 HarlockHero> like, in some you can cure the person
04:17 HarlockHero> but in others you have to act as they would expect you to
04:17 HarlockHero> the mask of :P in other words
04:17 TalkShowLout> k
04:17 TalkShowLout> so in the mystic, what happens
04:17 TalkShowLout> should we have it like those tents?
04:18 TalkShowLout> or would religion be systematized?
04:18 TalkShowLout> a one world religion?
04:18 HarlockHero> something like unificationism probably
04:19 TalkShowLout> but for big brother?
04:19 HarlockHero> yeah
04:19 TalkShowLout> he could be like moon maybe
04:19 HarlockHero> they could maybe view bb as a kind of god-king?
04:19 TalkShowLout> yeah
04:20 TalkShowLout> better than jesus
04:20 TalkShowLout> the final leader sent down to bring them victory over satan
04:20 HarlockHero> right
04:21 TalkShowLout> so what do you have to do
04:21 TalkShowLout> and what item
04:21 TalkShowLout> a pendent, you said?
04:22 TalkShowLout> something that unites all religions?
04:22 HarlockHero> right
04:22 HarlockHero> well
04:22 TalkShowLout> and how will they get it
04:22 HarlockHero> that maybe shouldn't be the item you steal
04:22 TalkShowLout> who will have it
04:22 HarlockHero> since it would be very valuable
04:22 HarlockHero> maybe you should just have to get something like a copy of the holy book
04:22 HarlockHero> and to get it you have to become a church member
04:22 TalkShowLout> or the holy cd
04:23 TalkShowLout> dvd
04:23 HarlockHero> which involves some sort of initiation?
04:23 TalkShowLout> containing copies of all official holy books
04:26 TalkShowLout> how would the initiation work
04:26 TalkShowLout> and wouldn't they notice tilde is an elf?
04:26 HarlockHero> sort of like the trial in chrono trigger maybe
04:27 HarlockHero> they have to weigh your deeds or something
04:27 HarlockHero> it would work best to have the church be more like a monastery
04:27 HarlockHero> so you can interact with people on the way to the main hall where you take the test
04:27 HarlockHero> and the interactions would be tested
04:29 TalkShowLout> hm
04:29 TalkShowLout> how
04:29 HarlockHero> how?
04:30 TalkShowLout> y
04:30 HarlockHero> you know, like you'd have to act all churchly while going through the monastery
04:30 HarlockHero> when you enter, it can mention that you should try to be inconspicuous
04:30 TalkShowLout> that isn't too difficult
04:30 TalkShowLout> how about you have to memorize
04:30 TalkShowLout> what's in the books
04:30 TalkShowLout> like in bof2
04:33 TalkShowLout> ?
04:33 HarlockHero> maybe
04:33 HarlockHero> you're the final say in gameplay
04:33 TalkShowLout> k
04:33 TalkShowLout> next
04:33 TalkShowLout> after mystic
04:34 TalkShowLout> is what
04:34 HarlockHero> flag carrier
04:40 TalkShowLout> posters
04:40 TalkShowLout> find one putting up posters, and...?
04:40 TalkShowLout> attack him and take the poster?
04:41 HarlockHero> too savage
04:41 HarlockHero> what would a flag carrier value more than putting up a poster in praise of bb?
04:44 TalkShowLout> putting up 10 posters?
04:48 TalkShowLout> ?
04:51 TalkShowLout> ?
04:52 TalkShowLout> couldn't possibly be doing anything more important than tilde
04:52 TalkShowLout> so you must be dead
04:52 TalkShowLout> or captive
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